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400x250 (16"x10") Hadrian Blue Black Roof Slate

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Product Details

Hadrian slate is produced in China. A team of geologists have found some of the highest quality slate beds ever to be discovered in the world. Hadrian slate is of exceptionally high quality and consistency and each slate is individually checked by hand by a quality control team, to ensure it meets our exacting standards. Hadrian slate is Blue Black in colour and very similar to other blue black slates such as Penryn slate and Bangor slate. They are 4 to 7mm thick and available in sizes ranging from 300x200mm to 600x300mm, with slate and a halves available for most sizes.

We can manufacture any sized roofing slate or any other product made from slate such as kitchen worktop, steps, cills, and our flooring slate is available to buy from our web site here.

Performance Characteristics

Hadrian Slate has been tested to EN12326 and has been passed as an S1,T1 slate - the same as Welsh slate. It has also been tested to BS680 Part 2; 1971 requirements for roofing slates. Samples have passed the following parts:
Water absorption tests (clause 6,2,1,)
Wetting & drying tests (clause 6,2,2,)
Sulphuric acid tests (clause 6,2,3,)
Hadrian slates when tested in accordance to DIN52112 using the three point loading method have an average flexural strength (Modulus of
Rupture) of 69N/mm2.
The slates are guaranteed for a period of 75 years.
Our test certificates can be downloaded here


All our slates are well packed in wooden crates and delivered using a tail lift wagon and trolley truck to unload. Normal delivery times is 3 days however we can deliver anywhere in mainland UK within 24 hours for a small extra charge.

We deliver through out Europe and also export worldwide. Delivery lead times to Europe are 7 days ex UK stock, 6 weeks ex China stock. USA & Canada - 6 weeks. Australia and New Zealand 5 weeks.

Full Container loads

We can supply full container loads at a reduced price. There are usually approximately 11,000 slates in a container load. The containers can either be delivered to your nearest port or we can handle all logistic for delivering it to you site. We handle all customs and importation paperwork and procedures.


The slates should be stacked on their longer edges with timber bearers, battens or boards between layers. The bottom layer should be on a firm base.


The slates should be laid in accordance with the code of practice for slating and tiling BS5534: Part1 1997 and BS8000 Workmanship on building sites Part6: 1990. The slates should be cut on site by hand or machine. When additional holing is required the slates should be drilled from the bed towards the face so that the nail head can sit in the small cavity formed by the area of spalling. Care should be taken to avoid undue spalling. At the time of holing the fixers should be grading the slates into three thicknesses. The thickest to be used at the eaves. Individual slates should be holed so that the thicker end is the tail of slate. Slates should be twice centre nailed as described in the British Standard. Copper nails or aluminum nails 38mm x 3 should be used for fixing slates in accordance with British Stands and are available from our web site here

Underlay & Breathable Membrane

We recommend using our Permavent underlay and fixing it in accordance with the manufacturers instruction.


Sizes are recommended in BS5534 for pitched roofs and vertical cladding. We recommend the minimum batten size to be 50mm wide x 25mm deep.

FREE Advice

If you need any advice on slating your roof please cal us on 01434 600100 and one of our time served slaters will be able to advise you. Alternatively you can email us at angus@matthewcharlton.com








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Rating: 10/10

Hadrian Slate

We bought 8 crates of this slate and found it to be on a par with welsh slate. We received our delivery very quickly and received excelland customer service. This slate is really good and we will be using it agin in the future. Thanks to Matthew Charlton's for excellant service and a great slate.

Posted by: adam simmons

Submitted on: 22/06/2009

Rating: 10/10

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Bought everything for my roof from you. Really high quality slate and the service from Jill were second to none. I am over the moon with the new roof. Keep up the good work.

Submitted on: 29/07/2009

Rating: 10/10

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Our new roof looks great. We really like the colour and overall appearance. Fast delivery too.

Submitted on: 29/07/2009